Move-in Checklist

At Heroic Rentals, we ensure that every home is in perfect condition for new tenants. Before a tenant move into our property, we take a thorough inspection to look for damage, identify necessary repairs, and fix any problem within the home. 

Here are some of the move-in checklist you need to check as soon as you move into your new home.

Move-in Checklist
  • Check for damage to porch, siding, or roof
  • Check for damaged doors and windows
  • Check for cracks in flooring
  • Check appliances for damage
  • Verify no walls have holes or paint damage
  • Look for signs of rodents or insects
  • Ensure no water damage exists
  • Look for leaking pipes
  • and more.
Please note: This checklist is by no means comprehensive. Should you notice an issue, please contact us immediately at: 864-400-0808

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